Visit the Holy Land – In the Footsteps of Jesus

Trip Dates: February 15-25, 2024
Have you ever been interested in seeing the history of the Bible instead of just reading and hearing about it? This is your chance! Join Dan & Judy Hannon on a journey through Israel and an Exploration of The Holy Land. Dr. Hannon’s extensive knowledge of the Bible and his many travels to Israel bring a wealth of Biblical Learning.
This 10-day journey will take you along the Mediterranean Sea to Mt. Carmel where Elijah confronted the prophets of Baal. Explore Nazareth, Magido and Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle! Encounter the Sea of Galilee and environs where Jesus’ ministry began. We will visit Capernaum, and travel the Road to Damascus where Paul had his own conversion experience.
No Christian should miss an opportunity to experience a Baptism Service at the Jordan River. On our way to Jerusalem we will travel along the Dead Sea where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We will visit the Shepherd’s Field outside of Bethlehem where the angels appeared to the shepherds to announce the birth of Christ. We will visit the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed with the disciples the night before his crucifixion. While visiting Mount Zion, we will visit the Upper Room. The climax comes with the tour of The Holy City of Jerusalem.
“It’s the Journey of Your Life——–You will NEVER be the same”
Dan and Judy Hannon will lead a group of pilgrim Disciples through THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS and the living History of the Holy Bible. The group and tours will travel by air, land and boat. Meals, lodging and travel expenses are included in fee. A $750 deposit is required to reserve space which is limited to 36.
Dr. Dan & Judy Hannon are sponsoring the next Christ Church Methodist Tour of the Holy Land. The Tour is February 15-25, 2024. The All-inclusive cost of Air/Land Tour is $5,369; To guarantee a seat, registration must be completed by October 1, 2023.