Dear Parents,
Children are precious to us at Christ Church United Methodist. It is our privilege to provide a safe, Christ centered and loving environment for children where parents can feel secure about their child’s well ­being while they attend services and other church related events.
Christ Church views the Nursery as an important ministry to families and children and is a vital part of our church and community. We recognize the importance of the early years when first impressions of faith, Christ and the Church are being formed and want to make the Nursery a positive and pleasant experience for both parents and children.
Our Nursery staff and workers offer a Christian atmosphere and loving arms to give your child the best possible quality care. Thank you for sharing your child with us at Christ Church!
Charlie Cole, Nursery Coordinator


Childcare is available for all Sunday morning services, school year Wednesday nights and covenant groups and bible studies affiliated with the church.

All childcare must be requested through the event coordinator or facilitator.

The Nursery Coordinator will then be contacted with at least one week notice to schedule staffing accordingly.



Drop off time is 15 minutes prior to service. Upon arrival, it is important to please complete the sign-in sheet. A printed 2-part security tag will be given to parents. The top half will be placed on your child’s back and the bottom half with matching numbers will remain with parent to claim child after service. An item tag will also be printed to adhere to diaper bag.
All bottles, sippy cups, diapers, wipes, blankets, change of clothes, snacks … must be clearly labeled.
Should your child bring a toy into the Nursery, it will be placed in his/her bag until service is over as to avoid any conflict between your child and the other children. “Loveys” are welcomed.
Often children are left in distress when a child gets dropped off and parents linger. It upsets other children if they sense it is time to see them when it is not. Please entrust your child in our care and know that a parent will be notified if necessary with the information filled out at the time of sign in.
Children must be picked up immediately following service with matching 2-part security tag before being released. We ask for safety reasons that all siblings remain outside of the door as a parent picks up their child.



The Nursery is completely sanitized after each service and/or event. Our staff uses a new pair of gloves and changing papers for each child.
All workers wash their hands after each diaper change, nose wipe and always before food preparations, snacks, bottle feeding … The children wash their hands before and after snacks, using the restroom or after outside play.
The Nursery only provides light snacks such as Goldfish and Cheerios. Parents may bring snack from home only for dietary restrictions or allergies.   All formula bottles must be pre-mixed.
Nursery workers will not be allowed to dispense medications to children under any circumstances. The only exception would be a topical diaper rash cream for infants, in which application would be left to the Nursery workers’ discretion.
Please do not bring your child into the Nursery with the following symptoms: fever, contagious infections (throat, bronchitis, eye, strep, etc), persistent cough, drainage from nose thick mucus, yellow or green in color, drainage from eyes, diarrhea or vomiting, unusual or unidentifiable rash or spots.
Children who are teething with a clear discharge from the nose may be accepted. If a child has been on antibiotics for 24 hours, fever free for 24 hours and shows no other symptoms, it is considered safe for them to re-enter the Nursery. Please understand that this is for the well-being of the workers and other children in the Nursery.
For safety reasons, children must wear shoes at all times.
As a means to better serve you and your child, please take a few minutes at check- in time to let the Nursery staff know your child’s specific needs such as potty training, bottles or feeding, sleep habits, etc.



Christ Church United Methodist subscribes to a policy of “Safe Sanctuary”. Christ Church is committed to making our church a safe and secure place for all people at all times. For this reason we have adopted an abuse prevention policy-physical, emotional or sexual, that provides rules and procedures to protect volunteers, staff and children in our care.
All Nursery workers are carefully interviewed. References are checked and applicants agree to a background investigation. Only after completion and approval is an applicant hired to work in the Nursery.