Series: Made for More | 6 weeks series on Ephesians

Made for More Overview:

Paul wrote Ephesians for the body of Christ to help them discover God’s design for the church and the fullness of the mission God has for every single person He has created.

Beginning Sunday, July 7  we will begin a sermon series which will cover a chapter of Ephesians each week.  In each chapter we will see Six Essential Shifts from the book of Ephesians that are necessary to create a healthy culture of mobilization. 

We invite you to:

  1. Join us each Sunday
  2. Read one chapter of Ephesians each week
  3. If you are interested, click the video link resources(below) that you could use on your own or with your small group: videos, individual study, and a group conversation guide are all included and free to you.
As a church, we are on a journey… together!  A journey to discover God’s design for us… we were Made for More than we can even imagine.  

Participant’s Guide

You can download a copy here