All who attend Christ Church experience the presence of God,
feel a sense of belonging and have hope for the future.
Rev. Ellen Kent
Care & Compassion
Office: 936-273-2030 x 7242
Dr. Daniel T. Hannon
Retired – Pastor Emeritus
Zach Sample
Director of Student Ministries
Lynette Read
Director of Children’s Ministries
936-273-2030 x7251
Charlie Cole
Nursery Coordinator
936-273-2030 x 7318
Pam Salter
Christ Church Experience
936-273-2030 x 7239
Dennis Belisle
Director of Worship
& Music Ministries
936-273-2030 x 7231
Jesus Bravo
Assistant Director
of Music Ministries
936-273-2030 x 7232
Jared Herman
Facilities Manager
936-273-2030 x 7253
Jennifer Felhauer
Executive Director
Children’s Education Center (CEC)
Laura Hickey
Program Director
Children’s Education Center (CEC)

More About Us | What can I expect

We know finding a church to call ‘home’ can be challenging! All of us at Christ Church want to welcome you and hope you would like to call Christ Church your home too. The first thing you will notice as you walk in the front door is the large open area, we call The Commons. It’s a great casual place to mingle and connect with one another before and after worship. It’s like walking into your own gathering room at home. From there you will find signs and friendly people to help you find your way around. Learn more

Our Story

A little history on Christ Church